Monday, May 23, 2011

Arrival in the Netherlands

We had an easy flight to the Netherlands and were met by our friends Caro and Dieuwke.  They were easy to spot outside the luggage pick-up window

I'm sure many people wondered who were these strange arriving visitors.  :-)  We returned to Caro's home to a sumptuous lunch
Such fun to be here visiting.  Willemijn came over, as well, so we had a reunion of the girls from March 2010.  Later we walked to a somewhat nearby windmill, exercising the dog and returned home.  Everyone was tired and we all had a great night's sleep.

Sunday morning after breakfast, we went to buy our train passes - thank heavens for our  "in country" help as the system isn't quite as easy as it used to be.  Caro then prepared to run in a charity 5K run.  We were the local cheerleaders
check out Caro's blog.  Sunday afternoon we cleaned up a bit and headed to Scheveningen for a small teaparty with my Dutch teacher who is here visiting her daughter - a local resident.  We had, of course, a delightful time.  Jacqueline's son-in-law was having an art show, as part of an art walk.

One cannot say we aren't eating well!

Sunday evening was delightfully slow and lazy (filled with blogging catch up)  Rob arrived home after a 10 day bicycling holiday.  (photos of his trip will be on Caro's blog)

Today (Monday) will be a catch up day and preparing  for our jaunt to Vlieland tomorrow.  We will stay with Elaine's brother and SIL who are staying on the island for the month of May.  (more) Great fun coming!

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