Sunday, May 22, 2011

More of Day 2

I forgot to mention one of the interesting things about the Blue Lagoon is the incredible build-up of silica.  It's lovely in the lagoon and many, many people find it very therapeutic in the treatment of various maladies.  I seem to recall old novels speaking of someone going to "take the waters".  However, such a "treatment" doesn't come cheap.  Just to get in and paddle around the water (you get a towel but no other niceties) is about $43 and the price goes up from there.  Also, as a homeowner, you need to regularly treat your water pipes because of that silica build up.

Nowadays, fishing is highly controlled, very few fishermen are left and the price of fish is often out of reach.  Interesting, for an island.  One thing that you do see, however, is drying of cod by simply hanging it from wooden logs
They sound rather  like bamboo wind chimes.  Apparently someone figured out that dried cod heads and skeletones were considered a delicacy in Nigeria - so you find those too (and they are really stinky!)
We had to visit the largest quilt shop on the island - just because
They had a very large selection of American fabrics.

 And finally on to Edda's home for a typical Icelandic dinner: roast leg of lamb, potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, peas and pickled red cabbage, with skyr cheesecake for dessert.  Actually Edda's husband cooked for us (as she was busy driving us around) and the girls entertained us - especially the bigger two with great English. 

It was a fabulous day.  We were treated as royalty!  Thanks, Edda and all the family.  We used R's car, a Toyota Land Cruiser, with high clearance, useful on gravel roads, of which there were quite a few. 

On to Friday next.

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