Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lead up to heading out

Alright, OK, my sewing room is a mess!  It is the room that is out-of-the-way and the best place to store boxes and bags of things that need to get out of the way.  When someone will be using My home as their home, I have lots of things that need to get out of the away.

 Yikes, what a mess!

But the suitcase filled with gifts for my favorite Dutch quilters is ready to go,

So many things there are hideously expensive.  So I have crammed in just as much as I could.  Christmas in May.  :-)

Today was Q.A., as I told you yesterday, and Harriet Hargrave was our speaker.  WOW!  She has so much experience - really dating from the inception of popular, "modern" quilting as you and I know it.  So much background.  Do check out her books and courses.  But suffice to say, she is a frustrated  hand quilter so has perfected machine quilting so that it looks like hand quilting - yes it really does!  Much of the secret involves the kind of batting used.  Amazing!

During the monthly "show and tell" portion of the meeting, Laurie showed a wonderful little quilt she found at a yard sale.  She was not particularly attached to it, but wanted to support the homeowner.  Therefore, she was willing to part with it, for a most reasonable price.  It has come to Seattle to live until it goes to the Netherlands.  Yes, Caro, it is for you.

Apparently the satin binding was added later and cut off some star points

  I am not a person who knows about dating fabrics, but my guess is it is from the 30's or 40's.  It is a full quilt (top, batting and back).  The back is muslin.  Some of it is pieced and quilted by machine, but there is also some hand work on it.  Of course, it has some places where it is quite worn, but it could be repaired (I think) or it is a marvelous "cutter" quilt.  Don't think it will fit in the suitcase this trip, Caro, but you're coming again!

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