Sunday, May 15, 2011

We're getting there

In some ways, we are all ready to go and are just tapping our toes waiting for Tuesday.  And yet, each day I do find more things that need attention.  That little basket on my bedside table, filled with my stuff (nail files, hand cream, cough drops, etc, etc.) needs to go away.  The Important Papers (stuff) on my desk that needs to be put away.  etc, etc, etc.  Really - getting house ready for other folks to stay here is much more work than getting ourselves ready.

We are about set with the clothes,

Iceland first means weather as "bad" as Seattle (or maybe worse) so warm things required - or at least the ability to make layers.  That's the first part of our journey, then on to the Netherlands where they have been having above normal temperatures.  That's the short sleeves, tank tops and shorts.  And of course, a girl has to look her best when she is traveling!  :-)

Look at this clean dresser top,

Not sure it's been that clean (and clear) since it came home from the furniture store.  Alas.

On the other hand, my hands must suffer from A.D.D.  I cannot just sit around and watch TV in the evening.  So I finally broke down and bought some 'handwork' to keep myself amused. 

Aside: You realize that I have a project bag all ready for the flight, but I cannot "dip" into that while we're still at home.

As we will be having a new little one join our ranks in late July [will it arrive before we are home again?] it seemed quite appropriate to work on embroidering 12 blocks.  These are then to be assembled with sashing into a quilt top.  Such fun and cute.  We don't know if this will be a boy or a girl, so generic animals are perfect.

Monday doesn't have much happening except our last National Georgraphic lecture in the evening.  Tuesday will be something of a race to get up, strip the bed and start the washing machine, showers and wash towels, final packing and our friend will pick us up shortly after noon.  And at long, long last we will be on our way.  H U R R A H !!!!!!!

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Laura said...

Safe travels, you two. I expect no let-up on the blog, please, as where you're going I haven't visited and need to see LOTS of pictures. I know that your trip will be everything you've hoped for and more. Godspeed, Marne.