Saturday, May 28, 2011

Great Days in the Netherlands

We are, of course, having a wonderful time here in den Haag (to Americans it is known as the Hague).   So here are some various photos of different things we are/have been doing.

I woke up early and did some cutting and continued sewing on the "Stone Soup" quilt that Caro and I are making for the father of a friend of Rob's.  (see Ronda - we haven't forgotten)

Breakfast is delicious - we are enjoying our meals
We manage to find a good many delicious meals (have you noticed?)   Yesterday we visited the Haagse Markt - a fascinating international outdoor market (for Seattle-ites it's like a [huge] local farmer's market).  There were all the things you would expect to find and lots and lots more.  Many things that we didn't recognize.  [see Caro's blog for photos of the Markt]

We have enjoyed some al-fresco dining in the center of the Hague (see Caro's blog again).  Today was a museum day, so while the weather wasn't so great, we had a very fun time,
"Waiting for the Interurban"
Sand Sculptures, located near the Parliament buildings.
City Historical Museum
Over there. . . . . .
The happy threesome, "doing the town".

We returned home to a big bowl of butternut squash soup (made first thing this morning)
and made a lemon pie for Gourmetten, tomorrow, when Caro's parents are coming
[sweetened condensed milk that most Dutch didn't even know they sold here]

This little fellow sought refuge from the rain on the balcony while we enjoyed our soup.

Tomorrow is the Japanese Gardens at Clingendael.  The adventures continue.  Life is good!

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