Friday, May 6, 2011

Old Dogs and New Tricks

I first "met" Bird Blocks stitcheries at the Sewing Expo in February in Puyallup.  I really adored several of their patterns and bought two.  I have since followed one of their suggested methods to get the design onto the fabric you are using - be it a dishtowel or a piece for framing or ?????.

This product is run through your ink-jet printer and the design is put onto the stabilizer.  You remove the backing and press-apply the design to the top of your fabric.  It is a bit sticky, but re-positionable when first applied.  So you get it all set up and then start to do the embroidery through the stabilizer.  It is fairly thin, but makes a perfect copy of the design.  It is so easy to follow and for me who tends to have shaky hands, I don't have to trace the design.
You finish sewing and soak the piece.  The stabilizer "melts" away and you have just the fabric with your design stitched on.  However, in my first two I had problems with little grey flecks on the background.  I tried to brush them away but without success.  I was really distressed.  After all the time required to sew I didn't want it ruined with spots.  So I spoke with the on-line chat person on Bird Brain's website.  Robin suggested a second, longer soak and if need be, use a soft toothbrush on the grey specks.  She suggested that what was being left behind was actually bits of ink that hadn't totally washed away. 

I followed her suggestions and now I have a lovely piece, without any flecks on it.  I don't have a big plan in mind, but will probably do a couple of red borders and frame this.  I am very pleased with it.
I did make a brief stop at the quilt store and bought some more perle cotton - turkey red, blue and black.  I have a piece I have prepared to take on the plane with me.  It's the four seasons - you saw Summer yesterday.  That one is finished as a gift exchange item.  I will do the four as a wall panel.

Have you noticed that I haven't been using my sewing machine?  It seems that my sewing room is being used as the storage room while we are away.  All the extras are stacked in there.  [chaos!!!!]  So to keep my hands amused, I'm doing all this embroidery.  But it's pleasant.

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Caroline said...

I love your little angel. And there is a sewing machine in my sewing room waiting over here for you. My quiltroom is nice and fresh again. see you in two weeks. bye bye Caro