Sunday, May 1, 2011

RVing Week-end

We had a GREAT time this week-end.  Saturday was a bit drippy and gray, but we had a marvelous week-end.  Sunday dawned sunny and bright - almost unheard of this spring, so we thoroughly enjoyed the day.  So, some photos:
Saturday morning bowling
Saturday evening pajama party, with special seating for those scoring the highest and for those scoring the lowest (that would be me!).  We watched the very fun Lucille Ball movie, "The Long, Long Trailer" (I think that's the name).   We enjoyed popcorn, red licorice and M & M's.  There was a competition for the most creative slippers made entirely with supplies from our rigs.  You can figure them out.  ;->

You do remember that this is an entirely women's group, thus the basic materials were perfectly comfortable with this group.  Did you figure them out? 

Oh so silly!


Laura said...

Those slippers are absolutely hysterical! I can't believe how creative the women were, and how incredibly "real" they look. I think that something like your contest would be a hoot to do at the RVW Convention in Gillette! Thanks for sharing the pictures, friend!

Anonymous said...

Is that a "koeien" outfit,Elaine is wearing? bye bye Caro

willemijn said...

How funny with the slippers, big laugh i guess!!!
Have fun preparing for the big trip! say hi to Elaine form me.