Monday, January 12, 2009

2nd week of the month - always the busiest

Well here we are. Even though my weather girl for today says rain -luckily it is not! It looks wet but not coming down right at this moment. And all that silly snow business has gone away. The one particularly good thing about being snow-bound for a few days, all of us got in some good sewing time. Hurrrah. [At my CTA meeting this morning our "show and tell" time was especially long as everyone had been busy amusing themselves.] I got my chaos crumbs put together and if I do say so, it's pretty darn cute. I'm not sure what will happen to it now - probably find someone to give it to. The blocks are cut at 6", so I may make some 9 patch ones, too. Fun little things to have on hand.

I also have been making the Bunny Hill BOM - decided it was time to get with that program. Very cute. I have made this one using Wonder Under -to see if I liked it. And I do. So I will do another with appliqued pieces. If you are familiar with the pattern you will note that I haven't finished the leaves and vine overhead, but I'll get that one done. Now to decide if I like this fabric for the snowman. The sparkle seemed somewhat snow/ice-like, but I was also toying with using white batting for the snowman. And I think the star behind him/her needs to be a bit stronger. What do you think: sparkle or batting? Stronger star behind?

I have also been playing with some of the Dutch Fabrics I get quarterly from Minewood Quilting. [She even has her site translated into English. Waaaayyy easier!] They are marvelous and I keep saving them for just the "right" project. So I think I have found it with the "Vierkanten" pattern from Elly Prins. It is in Dutch but as long as you can translate from cm. to inches, you are all set. This is the same basic pattern that I used for Ronda's birthday wall-hanging.

I swore after White Chocolate that I would NOT be making any more quilts larger than wall hangings, but am finishing up with a crazy exchange that is a lap size quilt. Not so big, but it does require my 72" fold-up table to get it sandwiched. Takes up the entire family room when that baby is up for business. Quilting it now and soon will send it off to its new home. I forgot to include the photo of the last one I sent off, which went to North Carolina, just after Christmas:

This is just the greatest - to be able to sew and sew AND perhaps even more, to meet so many amazing people through this little "hobby" of mine. Gosh it's great. I feel so lucky, so my thanks to all of you who read my silly prattle and even come back for more. Happy January, 2009!

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