Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nana has been doing a few things. . . .

First of all, I must toot my own horn. Look at just how amazingly tidy that sewing table is. You can see the wood top. Incredible, no?

And this week seems to have been a lot about scraps and using them up. You saw last week the chaos crumb blocks. This week it was chaos crumb blocks set with flying geese (a la stars) - I quite like this one. Apologies to whomever I copied this from (I can't give you credit because I don't remember), but I thought it was a wonderful idea. I also have done a number of string pieced blocks [apologies for the less than really clear focus]

I finished the "Wonder Under" Bunny Hill block and the needle-turn applique version is all done except for adding the buttons. Cute, huh?

A little more using up of scraps - how can I possibly have so many? And the trimmings from the Easter banners I helped with (for church). They are just plain organza strips, but this is so you can see the yummy color. Won't that be fabulous?

So I can give myself credit for doing a few things this week and using up some bits and pieces. I'm about at a place that I can begin a "real" quilting project. I have several things to finish up but also a couple of things that I can think about cutting out. Hmmmmm. I did finish a Crazy Exchange and that should go into the mail this coming week. The sewing ladies are going on a field trip - some of you may remember last year with the amazing Pakistani and Indian and Cambodian and VietNamese fabrics.

I also got tagged for one of the 4th photo "games", but as I'm still a bit confused about how to choose the correct photo (i.e. how to count it) I will save that for another post. Good "fabric"wishes to one and all!

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Lovely baskets. groetjes Caroline