Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gray and Cloudy Thursday

I have been quite busy here with needle and thread but don't have much to show. Yesterday was Quilter's Anonymous (my large quilt guild) and our featured speaker was Frieda Anderson. Her work is quite amazing - check out this website. This is all fused applique and while she does lots and lots of background quilting there is very little or no stitching on the applique pieces themselves. All from the Chicago School of Fusing (I think that's the name).

I decided to make another basket from Bunny Hill. This time I'm doing needleturn applique - or at least trying it. Ever since I took a class from Becky Goldsmith, I have wanted to turn out projects nearly so well done. Thus far I have not succeeded, but I do keep trying. I have also been working on a crazy exchange but, as you know, I cannot show you yet.

Tonight is our delayed Holiday party for my small quilt guild. We will do the requisite ugly fabric exchange, but this year we will also include some nice fabric along with the less than attractive. I think last year I got something with pink and purple seashells - really bad. We will also give everyone a muslin square to create a string block then we will draw a name and one of our members will get them all. Last year we did all Christmas fabrics. This year we are doing only black and white.

Finally in the "do you really want a big laugh" category, I unearthed two rather antique photos:

My dance career was rather short-lived. (age 3) and lovely, swirly dresses (age 18, Sr. Prom) aren't much in my wardrobe these days, either. Although I do remember those marvelous shoes: white satin, clear vinyl and rhinestones. Oh my goodness!


Ballardquilter said...

Marne, you must have been the belle of the ball with that lovely gown and white gloves.

Anonymous said...

I think you look lovely. groetjes Caroline