Friday, January 30, 2009


This has been one of those weeks when I have been glad to see it go. I don't have nearly so many of those since retiring, but this has been one. Last week-end I managed to come down with a case of Shingles. According to WebMed it is related to chicken pox and is a gift that chicken pox leaves behind in your system - lurking around for a time to make its presence known. It is characterized by quite a bit of pain - or at least it has for me. Yikes! Monday and Tuesday were 'sit on the sofa' days. Nothing else! But by Wednesday as the medications got into my system (Acyclovir) and pain meds for nighttime - so I could sleep - life was beginning to look up. I really don't get sick very often and can even be a bit impatient with 'sickies', so struggle to give myself some time to get better. Still sore, even now, but much improved and I'm learning how to time the cycles of acetaminophen throughout the day. Having said that, I have done a few things after feeling a bit better:
Those chaos crumb blocks, that you've seen here before with some sashing. Aren't they just so fun. Now I'm thinking that I'll cross cut some of the blocks and make a narrow border. Then what comes after that I don't know. Suggestions?

I bought this wonderful crazy print in the Markt in den Bosch (Netherlands) several years ago and haven't found the perfect place for it. But now I'm feeling quite satisfied with it, with the acid green, yellow and orange pinwheels. It will have a mottled red border (see photo on the left) And then I have a border print with the same crazy people, bikes and houses and that will be my border. The pattern calls for a 7 1/2" border of that. So all in all, it should come out to be twin sized. I have absolutely no idea what I will do with it when it's all done, but thought it was fanciful and lots of fun. (is that redundant?)

Finally I finished up the vierkant blocks little piece. As this is a Dutch pattern using all Dutch fabrics I'm thinking it should go to my friend who just returned from visiting the Netherlands. She is legitimately Dutch, I'm just a "wanna be" [although I can speak it better than she can!] Now just to get it in the mail.
I don't know why this photo looks so yellow. Sorry about that.

Finally, I did mail off a package for my Crazy Exchange group. Confessions: a) I didn't take a photo of it, so hopefully the recipient will take a picture and send it back to me and
b) I realized that the note I had written to be included with the package is sitting on my quilting table, so the only identification will be the return address label. As you usually read my blog, please accept my apologies.

Today is a "field trip" to the Burlington Sewing and Fabric outlet. I'll take the camera. :-)


Anonymous said...

What's T.G.I.F.? groetjes Caroline

Passionate Quilter said...

Ahhhhh!! I hope it's me, I hope it's me!! LOL I'm just catching up from being gone, enjoying all your posts...I hope you are feeling better!