Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chaos Crumb blocks

As I need to give Gretta a bit of a "breaking in" these seemed like a fun way to give us both some practice. Pretty darn easy and lots of fun to do.

Not sure what happens when I get these all put together. And my goodness but I have lots more partially done.

Also had a very fun field trip with my Stone Soup Quilting group out to Martingale Press. Their offices are just filled with tens of amazing quilts. So interesting to walk through. And then, the best for last, we got to visit the warehouse and shop for books that are more than 6 months old, for a whopping $5.00 apiece. Guess who spent a bit of money, but not too crazy. [they don't allow photos inside, saying that is because all the quilts are copyrighted.]

Come on out here and see what we have to show you. (the snow is gone, now) Only rain and nobody melts.

Happy January

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