Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dumplings, Sewing and Sunshine

Such a lovely, fun week-end. We began Saturday with a visit to our new next-door neighbors. We were invited to learn how to make Chinese dumplings and enjoy them for lunch. The 8 1/2 and 6 year old daughters were helping us, along with Grandma, visiting from northern China. Such a treat!

The dough is a very simple flour and water, but allowed to "mellow" for at least 2 hours. The filling is ground turkey, carrots, cabbage, onion, sesame seeds and a small amount of vegetable oil. They are boiled and eaten with a soy/vinegar dipping sauce (or then can be fried for traditional 'potstickers'). And lucky for us, we brought home 2 plates of left-overs.

Sunday was a day to practice with the new sewing machine with oldest GD. This little machine, which I've shown you before, is simple and plain, but in fact, can sew a perfectly acceptable seam. Nana had prepared a selection of squares of fabric to "play" with. We had located a small table that is height adjustable - so it worked perfectly for shorter legs to reach the foot pedal. This little machine does not have a light, so it is necessary to position it near a lamp, but easy to adjust. She was amazing in how quickly she caught on and was able to sew a straight seam. The use of blue painters tape was also a great assistant. So now she is imagining all sorts of things to be making. Nana looks forward to many more sewing sessions.

We have been so lucky for these past 4 days with beautiful sunshiney days. Having played weather roulette, we have managed to come out very well - compared to those poor folks in the eastern US. Although cold, at least it is clear for our president's inauguration. My DS and DIL are somewhere on the Mall, trying to stay warm. So here are a few images from our corner of the world - oh, so beautiful.

Gratitude - a mighty power to 'move' our lives.


Joke said...

Marne, I can't imagine anything as nice as making dumplings together. I did that a couple of years with Chinese friends, who where studying in my hometown. It is fun and the taste of homemade dumplings is yummie!
I see you count the days that part you from your visit to the Netherlands. I'm sure a lot of our group do the same, longing to meet you!

Joke said...

Forgot to tell you, please visit my blog, I tagged you :)