Sunday, January 25, 2009

Joke tagged me

for the latest 4th photo "game". I asked for some guidance in order to pick the right one, but it seems that the guidelines are pretty loose. So having said that, I will go back to the 2006 photos on this computer and choose the 4th photo from each of two large albums. Just because I can.

This is a picture of my lovely daughter in law (in the front) on the day of her wedding to my son. A beautiful bride on a wonderful day.

In 2006 we traveled to the Netherlands for a bicycle trip (fietstocht). We left from Oosterdok - just a short walk from Centraal Station and right next to NEMO. The Angelina was our home away from home for the 2 weeks of this trip. So this was shortly before we departed from Amsterdam, at the beginning of our trip.

Fun to look back.


Joke said...

You couldn't not pick nicer pictures, they are just perfect! A beautiful bride and a beautiful country LOL

Marika said...

That upper photo is wonderfull !! You really can feel the atmosphere.