Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beautiful Tuesday

What better a way to spend a lovely and sunny Tuesday than to head to the beach.  That is exactly what we did.  We drove as we didn't know exactly how far it was to Katwijk.  A magificant and mostly empty beach
The Dutch prepare themselves for wind by erecting these little structures in which you can find a bench and some beach chairs as well as a cloth windbreak.  We presume (as I didn't understand the Dutch written inside) that they are rented for some period of time - I'll have to ask Caro.  But there are rows and rows of them a way up from the water's edge.
And the requisite children's play area (they are so good at thinking of the children who might be along) - there was another play house and slide over a ways.  In the background you can see the restaurants that line the shore

The perfect place to have some lunch, out of the wind with the plastic/glass panels.  After lunch we did wander the little seaside town for a bit - cute

We drove home by way of the next town north, on the sea, Nordwijk.  That little town has a very different feel to it - lots of posh hotels.  Finally after we got home, we needed to make the required grocery "run"so hopped on our bicycles and rode into another part of Oegstgeest.  Isn't this so fabulous - to just sit and enjoy the outlook while we enjoyed a Coke and a soft ice cream - after we did our chores.  Oh, life is hard!

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