Saturday, June 11, 2011

On to Brugges

Ghent is actually a modern, active, business city, whereas Brugges is a charming trip into an older time.  The streets are narrow and cobbled.  Way more photo op's than my little camera could hold (when does it say "memory card full"?)

At the Begijnhof, the former residence of Begijns (non-catholic church-serving women, living in community) is now housing for some Benedictine nuns.  Beautiful and oh so peaceful.  You are even strongly encouraged to maintain a silent and proper attitude, while inside the grounds

We had a very fun boat tour of the city - a different view from water level

A charming atmosphere.  (am I repeating myself - it really is so special, one runs out of adjectives)

We drove home by way of Middelburg to visit Leah - the daughter of friends from Seattle, who is attending college here in the Netherlands.  A rather challenging drive, in some torrential rains, we finally arrived home exhausted about 9:30pm.

Today we have done our requisite grocery shopping.  Monday is a holiday and that means that the stores will be closed, so today we had to buy for tomorrow AND Monday.  Not the norm.  It was quite crowded in the village center, as well as the grocery.  We bought gas (benzine) to refill the car and made a quick little drive around the area.  Now we are having thunder, lightening and hail.  Ah spring - sounds like Seattle.

Much to see and do.  Ah, life is so good.

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