Sunday, June 5, 2011

sunday evening in Oegstgeest

If you think that is spelled peculiarly, you should hear it pronounced the correct way.  we are still working on it, but having a great time.  It is a really lovely home in a quiet neighborhood near several lakes.  charming!

I''m typing on a computer on loan from Caro and  Rob .  For some reason our computer won''t work in this house, but theirs will.   We are so very lucky to have them here to "bail us out" when we need it.  They brought our luggage to us yesterday and stayed for dinner.  They telephoned today and had us over for lunch and then the four of us made a visit to the Tram Museum.  Where they live is only about 20 minutes from here (by car) so it is very easy to get back and forth. 

So here are some photos from our outing today

A really interesting museum with trams from many different countries.  The top one is from 1921 and we took a 45 minute city drive in that one.  It was great fun to ride on (very noisy) and folks on the sidewalk were bewildered about who were these folks on this very old tram.  We just fed their curiosity by waving.  :-)


Laura said...

So good to catch up with you today, friends! Looks like the weather was a little warmer at some point -- E. doesn't look like Nanook of the North! ;) And having friends when you're in unfamiliar territory is a true gift. Thanks, Caro & Rob, for keeping us all connected. :)

Caroline said...

Hi Marne and Elaine, I'm glad you're online again. And I think we had a great sunday afternoon in this museum. See you later this week, bye bye Caro

ballardquilter said...

I am glad to read your home away from home is comfortable. Does it come with a sewing machine?