Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let's see if photo uploading is happening today

Rob and I have consulted and it is his opinion that the problem we have been having are a function of the wi-fi in this particular house.  Let's hope that is true.  Today (Saturday) we move to our next exchange in Delft.  The family is very kindly picking us up and bringing us to their home.  And then we can have a personal tour of how things are.  You never realize just how many peculiarities there are to your particular home, until you try to think of them all and write them down.  Oh my gracious - you know that one handle you have to pull especially hard or the switch that doesn't work or or or - Luckily the first folks in our house have managed to figure things out, as have we here.  At least we will have the full tour of Delft before the family leaves, which should make it a bit easier.

So to try photos,
The walls around the top of the Burcht in Leiden.  In the center is a fascinating sculpture of a large tube of toothpaste (the paste is coming out of the right end) - would be fun in your garden!

Let's see if this one works of the view from up there

These enormous edifices - it's hard to wrap my mind around the idea that for some projects, it was 2 and 3 generations of folks who worked on a particular building.  Now it is unusual for people to work 20 years at one job, let alone me, my father and my grandfather all at the same place. 

It is often the case in Dutch cities that old bikes get "disposed"of in the canals and occasionally they are fished out.

Friday was just a day - the weather was quite dreadful in the morning, so we just did stuff around the house and in the afternoon wandered to a local store, Kruidvat (rather like a Bartell's drug store) for some cough drops for E, a Blokker store (rather like a small Fred Meyer) for some clothes pins, and of course, our favorite Albert Heijn -for the required groceries.  Shopping must be much more purposeful here as many  stores have limited hours on the week-ends.

New adventures coming along soon.

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ballardquilter said...

Is there no end to the beauty of the Netherlands? Thanks for sharing so many lovely glimpses of the county.