Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday with some sunshine

O Happy Day!!!! We awoke to sunshine, so there are quite a few photos taking advantage of that.

In the back garden of our home, there is a small well.  The home's owners told us that they don't know its age or depth, but do know that it has shown up on maps for as far back as he can find.  Hmmmmm.

Today's adventure was a visit to the Botanic Garden of the Technical University of Delft.  We walked by way of the East entrance to the city (Oosrpoort) [Elaine's photos - thanks E]

"Early in the 20th century the development of Applied Botany (mostly biochemistry) began.  As the Polytechnic College (currently Delft TU) needed plants for education and research....Prof. G. van Iterson Jr established the "Gardens for the Culture of Technical Crops" in 1917."  And so, the garden,
And an assortment items seen

 I've seen these somewhere before, but  cannot remember where (blue pinecones)

From inside the greenhouse,
[baby quail live in the greenhouse]


Jen said...

I am so glad I happened upon your blog! Your adventure is inspiring and your photos are lovely. Please keep posting. (I dream of living there!)

Laura said...

Fun stuff! Glad you had some sun to make your excursion even more fun. Weather here is finally heating up, too. Thanks for sharing!