Sunday, June 19, 2011

Welcome to the Hood

It finally quit raining after supper, so we took advantage of that and made a quick wander around the neighborhood.  Just so you know where we are,

We're the double black doors on the right and the 2 windows.  And then we go back two more rooms.  Very comfortable.  There is a canal right out in front - those cars you see are within 1 ft. of the edge of the canal - watch that first step. 
I adore the tiny streets, several too small for cars, with bikes parked in front of the houses amidst the tiniest patches of green & flowers.

Sometimes it is hard to know where a path leads - here it is leading to a tiny children's playground

Earlier this evening, we attended the service at the Nieuw (New) Church.  You must appreciate that 'new' and 'old' are highly relative.  This church dates from the 1300's (new) as opposed to the Olde (old) church which dates from 1100.  The entire service was in Dutch.  However, when we identified ourselves as American, we were give English bibles and headphones. [we had heard that some part of the service would be in English]  A young woman translated the whole service for us.  Oh such interesting experiences.

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