Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday and Monday

Sunday was really quite lovely weather and we took advantage of that by doing some laundry.  I know, this house does have a clothes dryer but for whatever reason it seems to take FOREVER to dry things like jeans.  So we were good Dutch ladies and in the back garden, in the sunshine, put the clothes rack and our wet jeans.  Perfect.  We also took advantage of the sun to take a lovely bike ride - just because we could.  (sorry but the photos got put on the computer without internet access - so you'll have to take my word for it)  We visited 3 windmills, fairly nearby and then rode along the water [Harlemmertrekvaart] and into the lovely little town of Warmond.

 On a sunny Sunday it seems that the "thing"to do is to go out on the water and the waterway was alive with small boats and there was even a Tour Boat taking on passengers.  Fun!  We returned home to the start of clouds but dry jeans!  Hurrah!

It stormed through most of the night and also this morning.  So our plans for another bike ride were shelved and we were happy to have a car.  Today was also a holiday, 2de Pinksterdag (second Pentecost day).  On this day, several castles are open to the public which are normally closed.  We visited Kasteel Endegeest, just a short way away.  It originally dates from the 1300's.  There have been several remodels and restorations and it is quite lovely.
The Dutch do a marvelous job of bringing exhibitions to life and particularly provide for the children.  There were "games"for them to play on the forecourt, a traveling troubador and some marvbelous costumes from the 1700's.  There were also some specially prepared quiz sheets for the older children to follow and answer - keep everyone interested and involved.

The castle is now used as the offices for the psychiatric organization that manages the psychiatric hospital located on the castle grounds.  Such fabulous offices, for sure

The Blue Room is entirely covered in tapestries.  What a conference room.

The model of the facility was made by one of the former patients.  Very well done.

On the way home we noticed this stork nest

Isn't this fun?
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Cybele's patch said...

Hi Marne, I just caught up reading your adventures in our beautiful country. I am so glad your are having a great time. In case you wonder why you haven't heard of me yet: my DH is in hospital with a broken hip. I stopped blogging and reading blogs for a while. Lack of time. Just wanted to know if you were enjoying this funny country of ours. Keep on doing so. I am not sure if I will be meeting you. Depends on how things will be going with DH.