Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm waaaaay behind

This vacation/holiday business keeps one really busy.  We have had a little bit of sunshine and got to enjoy the garden at our house in Oegstgeest
A girl gets really tired doing all this relaxing
Just so you know we are not totally slovenly, we did make a trip into Leiden.  It's a 1 km walk and then a 10 minute bus ride, others take their bikes to the central train station

It would probably take me an hour to even remember where I parked my bike.  Yikes!  We then took a fascinating tour of an exhibition at the Cultural museum on Maori culture and history.  I didn't realize that the Dutch were the first to arrive there (thus the name Nieuw - New - Zeeland - Zealand).  However somehow it ended up being a British "colony".  Must read up on that.

Lunch outdoors in Leiden then a visit to the only remaining Windmill in the city.  New blog.

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