Saturday, November 12, 2011

At last, some photos

Sorry to be quite so slow.  You know how it goes - you get home and then there are so many "activities of daily living" that begin to crowd in on you.  Not to mention some laundry as well as general cleaning.  I always admire those folks who get their house all clean and tidy (= dust free) before they go away, so they return to a perfectly tidy home.  Not moi!  I usually am running out the door, hoping that I have remembered to pack everything I wanted.  So I am pleased to report that the whole house (not the downstairs) has been vacuumed.  The Living and Dining rooms have been well dusted and the hearth washed (on hands and knees, yet).  The bedrooms got to see the vacuum but dusting hasn't happened in there yet.  Perhaps soon.

Yesterday, with many thanks to the Veterans both whom we know and those we don't, it was a day out of the ordinary for some.  We attended the first Universitiy of Washington Women's non-conference basketball game for 2011-12.  We lost!  Last evening, super GS and I went to the Seattle Children's Theater presentation of Robin Hood.  It was great.  There were 4 actors portraying about 10-12 different parts.  It was action packed and very well done.  Today is the last soccer game of the season for said GS and perhaps a U of W Volleyball match.  Who says they've nothing to do?

But back to our journey to the east (we call anything past Chicago 'east', although I know they don't).
Lake Michigan on one of our lovely, cold and clear days.  Note the snow fences already in place.

What a terrific day.

Closer to "home" a very idyllic horse farm,

Another short jaunt to Grand Haven, also on Lake Michigan.  Not quite such blue skies, but still a very nice outing,

I'll put our wander through Meijer Gardens on another post.

Flying home was as good as flying gets these days - which ain't great.  Every seat filled and lots of folks traveling with small people who don't enjoy it nearly as much as one would hope - but being who they are, they let everyone know of their displeasure.  Two small bags of peanuts (12 grams) and a coke product to drink.  Thank goodness for a Book on Tape to pass the time.  We arrived a bit ahead of schedule but got to 'enjoy' repairs to the baggage conveyor belt (45 minutes wait).
Mt. Baker in the distance
As much as I love traveling, it's probably good that I'm staying put for a while.

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