Saturday, November 5, 2011

Michigan adventures

Yesterday was a day-long visit to Meijer Gardens.  Fred and Lena Meijer purchased and developed 132 acres of land in Grand Rapids, MI.  It is an enormous garden filled with sculpture.  (and flowers in the flowering seasons of the year - not November)  We were lucky to have simply gorgeous weather - full sunshine and blue, blue skies.  Inside the main entrance building, they are beginning to set up Christmas Trees, decorated with ornaments of all sorts, representing various different countries.  By my guess, there were probably 30+ trees.  Ireland, Netherlands, Iceland, Greece, Vietnam were all complete and more being worked on.

Outside, the golds and reds of Michigan autumn were stunning.  (of course I do have photos)  We just walked and walked.  Inside the conservatory were marvelous orchids and various tropical plants.   There are something like 1000 volunteers at Meijer's,  including "docents" who love to talk about the various plants growing indoors.  Blooming cacti abounded.  Such a delightful day!

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