Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trip to Meijer Gardens [be aware: lots of photos]

The Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park "is a 132 acre oasis of wetlands, woodlands, meadows and gardens designed by world-renowned landscape artists.  Here you will find an internationally acclaimed permanent sculpture collection in a 35-acre sculpture park...."

The main building had just completed its chrysanthemum displays and was setting up Christmas trees representing about 30+ different countries - maybe more; I didn't count or ask.  Once again we had just a stellar day for being outside.  Here are photos of a number of sculptures in the park,
Mad Mama

Modeled on a DaVinci piece destroyed long ago

Check out the size!

Espaliered Girl

It is such a fascinating, varied collection of art.

Crazy Scarecrow


And then, into the indoor conservatory:

While I am certainly NOT a great gardener, I can sure appreciate the work of others.  If you are in the area, don't miss this one!


Caroline said...

Meijer Garden is beautifull, but I really love your pictures of the farms and the lakes. Seems like you both had a wonderful time. Glad your safe home. bye bye Caro

Laura said...

I bet that Garden takes on a whole new look in the snow. Incredible statuary. Thanks for sharing, friend. :)