Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fridays and Mondays, oh my

Weeeeeel - we did go out and do a bit of shopping on Friday.  I know, I know - there is much to be said about avoiding consumerism and especially on the day after Thanksgiving.  But if I shopped for a good cause, does that get me off the hook a bit?  If you have hung out with me here for more than a year, then you know that we are part of a group who always adopt a family at Christmas time.  This year it's  a family of mom, dad and 4 kids.  We have the 16 year old son (oldest kid).  Among the things listed on their wish list was a warm jacket.  So we decided after scanning the ads to look for a jacket.  We headed out to a stand-alone store (not in the mall).  Well, I have to say that it wasn't too bad.  Yes, it was a bit crowded but not impossible to get around and find things.  So we found him 3 things on his list: a warm jacket, a sweater and a long sleeved T-shirt.  And all at greatly reduced prices!  We even managed to get into the check out line at exactly the right time, as the line got really long behind us, by the time we left.  A quick jaunt to Costco, for some items for the family (Laundry Soap, Paper Towels, Dish Towels).  We did do a bit of defensive cart steering, avoiding the lookers and managed to get in and out in pretty short order.  Woo Hoo.  I got home with some time left over for some stitching.

Sunday was a bit of cyber "Monday" shopping and I did buy some fabric. [Like so many of the stores, their Monday sale began a day early.]  I did buy a couple of half yards, but mostly it was charm squares and a jelly roll and 2 fat quarter packs.  I have been working really hard at using the stash but some of these prices were beyond ridiculous and I couldn't resist.  I also bought some wool to try my hand at wool applique.  I'll show you when it arrives.

I'm feeling really good about being able to get a bit ahead of the curve and make progress on a number of Christmas projects that have been hanging around - awaiting my attention.  First on the table,
Another Cornelia - she doesn't have her eyes yet

This is a Kathy Schmitz design, to be finished as a lavender sachet (as soon as I get the Lavender).

This table runner is, in fact, finished, at long last - not all that hard - just get around to it.
(sorry for the funny angle)  The setting triangles are actually a warm beige with a gold sparkle in it. 
I've mentioned the Buck a Block effort by Quilter's Attic and I got my 4 months' worth made.  8 blocks. (photos tomorrow in daylight)

The other thing going on around here last week-end was a Saturday brunch with the kids and grands.  So here are a few photos from that,

The 4 Grands.

Son, wife and sweet little girl
I didn't manage to get a photo of my beautiful daughter.  She's looking especially lovely after losing over 60 pounds.  I'll work on that.

As you might see, I have so much to be thankful for.  This week is fairly calm and then things will be 'heating' up for a couple of weeks before the holidays arrive.  Keep ya posted!

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Caroline said...

Lovely pictures of your projects and family. And I probably wouldn't recognise your daughter anymore, when I come in september. Just say to her that she did a fantastic job, she can be very proud. cu bye bye Caro