Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little bit more catch-up and then, moving on

I don't remember how many days my granddaughter said it was until Christmas, but I know it is something like 6 weeks - but I get ahead of myself.

While in Michigan I did buy a bit of fabric.  However, most of it is going away, so does that count for stash busting?  Our huge church "rummage" sale, Superfluity, has decided that it would be fun for the various departments to have some sort of cover-up (aka apron).  It should help the workers to keep clean and more easily identify who are the shoppers and who are the workers.  So I found "book" fabric and bought some of that, and my friend Ronda found a bit of a remnant for us, as well. 

Fun, huh?  I also did buy two pieces of fabric.  One because it was silly and I thought a couple of my quilting buddies would enjoy it,
And a batik for borders for my "buck a block" effort, in pomegranate
At 30% off I sure wished I had had more room in the suitcase.  Alas!

Since arriving home, I have managed to finish up a number of projects that have been hanging around awaiting some attention.  Makes you feel so good to get things completed.  a)small baby quilt for church nursery (sorry, no photo), b) hats to be given to a service center for homeless, (scrap wool),

c) Christmas ornament (I have some red silk ribbon to go around the edges)
and another cross stitch - not sure how to finish it, but liked the design,
and a stitchery kit I bought in the Netherlands this summer:

It reads:  "Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest is surely home, and home sweet home for there the heart can rest".

Each year CTA holds a Thanks-for-giving to honor all the hours those woman give to the community, with sewing and teaching and various volunteering jobs.  This past year it amounted to more than 5000 hours.  The CTA of the Year Award is given out - this year to Janet Wilkie.  The previous 5 winners work on a committee to plan the event, provide the lunch and they make for all of us a small gift.  So here is this year's very fun Snap Purse.  Mine is silk - isn't is lovely?  [They key is a piece of metal tape measure inside the top band.]
I know that mine was made by Susan.  Thanks Suzy.

Today is a free day - HURRAH.  So I hope to be able to say that I have completed a few more un-done projects before the day is out.

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Elaine said...

I love the pomegranate batik fabric. YUM!