Friday, November 25, 2011

Wonderful Turkey Day around here

I sure hope your day was as pleasant as ours was.  While is just bucketed with rain, we were warm and cozy.  Our friends were staying in a very nice house on Vashon Island and we joined them for the afternoon.  [Aren't we lucky to have friends who include us!]  The house smelled delicious as we sipped a little wine and visited.  Dinner about 4pm.  All the usuals, and we brought along one of our tradition dishes, baked Hubbard squash,
to go with turkey, cornbread stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, fresh cranberry relish and multi-grain bagette.  Coffee, pie and whipped cream followed at a break in the Five Crowns game (cards) - Alayne won!  Happily restraint was shown and all my numbers were right on track this morning.  Hurrah!

Wednesday evening I finished my small Cornelia.  The stitching proved to be a bit time-consuming as the weave is 18 threads to the inch (for these old eyes) but I think she is pretty darn cute.  She will be my contribution to the Christmas Ornament exchange for CTA in a couple of weeks.  [Shirley if you are reading this and get my ornament, be surprised!]
CTA also has a cookie exchange, so I tried out a new recipe for Cappuccino cookies.  I like them quite well, except I think I'd cut back a tiny bit on the almond flavoring.  It seemed a bit overwhelming.

Today is Black Friday.  I have done one online order and will likely do one more.  The plan is to visit ONE store to buy some things for our adopted Christmas Family - and if that's too crazy we're headed back home.  The economy does need lots of help, but I will do a small bit and that's all.  Hope you are having a delightful holiday week-end.


Laura said...

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving, friend. Glad you enjoyed your time with friends & have family to look forward to tomorrow. Hope the weather calms down a bit for you all. Supposed to be a balmy 80* here tomorrow ... ;) Thanks for sharing.

Caroline said...

Happy thanksgiving with your family today. I hope you will have a lovely brunch. We will be thinking of you, when we have dinner at Mauce, bye bye Caro and Dieuwke.

Shirley said...

I didn't see a thing....