Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday's Report

Oh my, things have been happening around Casa Nana.  Actually it does feel very good to get things completed - many after some months.  So first of all, A Holiday Romance
Aren't they just too cute?

Finished up the 8 "Memories of Holland" and have actually given away two already.  The rest are intended as Christmas gifts.  [now, what do you call the things that go on the table that you would put a vase on, or a candle on or a bowl of fruit?  They aren't doilies.  We have had several conversations around here but cannot come to a sure agreement of what they are called.  I tend to call them Table Mats.]

Friday was a CTA Community Sew.  Sadly I don't have photos, so you will have to simply follow my words.  Our CTA group supports an Emergency Foster Children's facility and so we are making flannel pajamas.  They range in size from a Size 1 to Adult XL.  Friday we cut out and began sewing 30 pairs of PJ's.  I thought that was pretty good in just over 3 hours.  Mostly we had cutters (maybe 10-12) and a few of us were sewing and/or serging (4 of us).  The goal is to have these completed for the holidays.  They will be delivered, along with filled stockings.  A very good projects.  It was quite nice that in addition to our regular members, 3 gals from the community came to join our efforts.  Perhaps they will want to join our little group.

Today (Saturday) was another sew-a-thon.  This was to make aprons/cover-ups for our big church 'rummage' sale, Superfluity.  And then because we are so clever, we even got into making them with fabric appropriate to the department.  So the book department, had. . . . . books.  The snack bar had coffee cups, the children's deparment had alphabet blocks, the sporting goods had striped canvas awning type fabric.  It was great fun.  And again, really quite successful with about 3 hours of work.
For this, I do have photos,

We even had some moral support, allbeit low key, from Karma,

Of course, we did have to follow up with a lunch after all our hard work!


Laura said...

Never a dull moment at Casa Nana! Thanks for sharing, friend. :)

Caroline said...

I really really love your dutch memories. And we have good memories all together.
We see each other again in Seattle
bye bye Caro