Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Someone's in the Kitchen with Nana. . . .

But we ain't got no banjo.  Been having some fun these past few days.  Yesterday morning it was low fat applesauce muffins (some for breakfast and some for the freezer),

And then today Alayne came over and we had one of our cooking together mornings.  You may remember, we did this for the first time a few weeks ago.  We plan a dish that we both think we will like and buy the ingredients (double or triple the original recipe) and then make it.  We then divvie up the dish and put it in containers for freezing.  This way we will both have something in the freezer, virtually ready for dinner.  Today we made Paprika Chicken - chicken seasoned with paprika which gets a sour cream lemon sauce when served, and we made Peanut Chicken - seasoned chicken breast with Indonesian type seasonings, including peanut butter.  Oh yummy and so easy.
Peanut Chicken
Paprika chicken
As we are not hosting Thanksgiving here this year, it is very easy to just do some of my own cooking and just prepare a couple of dishes to bring to the T-day feast.  The troops are all coming here for Saturday brunch, though.  Should be great.


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Caroline said...

Oh, I can see you in the kitchen, walking around, playing with all your stuff there. bye bye Caro