Friday, July 15, 2011

Ark Building has Ceased

Look, look, sunshine.  Hurrah.  Yesterday it was not clear that the sun would ever be seen again - but despite predictions to the contrary, blue skies appeared.  We managed to get all the rags and towels used yesterday washed and did some tidying up in the garden (several broken stems).  After lunch, Elaine headed to the chocolaterie while I headed across town to a fabric store I hadn't know before,
't Stoffig Pakhuis.  I did not find any fabric I couldn't live without, although this shop did have lots of ribbons and trims.  Elaine found one chocolate bar that called her name. 

Our tale of woe and reason for no photos of these places is that my camera has finally, well and truly died.  RIP my Nikon.  We can't quite remember but it may be as many as 9 years old.  I was needing to try some new batteries, just in case, but that still didn't do it.  So all photos will be with Elaine's very nice Canon.  Will need to look for anew one for me, but that will wait until we get home.

Our last big adventure of today was a jaunt a few blocks away,
Do you know Pathe?  It's a chain of movie theaters.  And what did we see?

Sorry I cut off the Dark Lord's Head - V...........  It was pretty good, not particularly more violent than any of the former movies and now it all has ended!  The attention-getting part of this adventure was the cost: 2 senior tickets (it was 3D),one small popcorn and a small bottle of bubbly water cost E30.  At today's exchange rate, that is $42.  Goodness - not something we'd do real often.  But fun!

This is the city library:
Love how they have done the windows.

Church friends from Seattle are supposed to arrive tomorrow, but no word yet.  Just waiting to hear.


willemijn said...

hi marne,
Margot is still loving the little heartcandy you gave her, they are her favourite, thank you!
Have a good time with you friends from church.
Greetings to Elaine.


Laura said...

Glad you've seen the blue sky again. But I'm sorry that your camera decided to give up the ghost at such an inopportune time. :( I've made it home, cleaned out and put the trailer away, and thrown all the laundry (ugh!) in the garage. It can wait until tomorrow. Belle is letting me know that I was missed by plastering herself on me. We'll share stories soon. :)

Joke said...

Oh, this rain is really bad, we didn't have that many! Just to let you know, the B&B is okay, you are most welcome thursday! (I sent you an email, but I'm not sure you got it).