Sunday, July 24, 2011


After a pleasant birthday lunch at the Groninger Museum (and coffee earlier at Douwe Egberts) we headed to the tour boat.  Passing under the first bridge, we saw

and continued around the canal surrounding the city and various buildings

A former warehouse, now apartments

There are also many houseboats, but only some look well cared for
A most unusual block of apartments, designed to resemble the Arch d'Triumph (I don't spell well in English, let alone in French) - I wonder what it looks like inside.  And does it sway in the wind?
Saturday, Joke's husband  joined us for a car tour of the surrounding provincial countryside.  They kept telling us it was "real" Dutch weather,
This is the northern-most piece of land in the country, on a dike with grazing sheep and wind turbines.
What an adventure we had.  Many, many thanks and big hugs to Joke and her family for all their hospitality and generosity.


Joke said...

We really loved to have the two of you around and had some great days too! Big hug, Joke

Laura said...

Looks like your birthday was a bit soggy but you made up for it in the company & sights you saw. Good for you! Any birthday cake? ;)

ballardquilter said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. We are looking forward to your return to Seattle.
There was a thunderstorm in Seattle this morning and a number of homes in Sunset Hill lost power.