Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday Dining

Sweet friend Dieuwke insisted on preparing us a true dining adventure - a veritable feast!  She literally spent the whole day preparing.  It was a lovely, warm and sunshiny day, so we got to sit in the back garden and enjoy our feast.

Our dinner included:
   Bami noodles
   Seasoned green beans
   3 kinds of kroepoek
   Chicken curry (bessengeh ijam)
   hard-boiled eggs in a hot sauce (teloor)
   Seasoned rice (with curry, mandarin oranges and almonds)
   fruit salad (mango, pineapple, apple, peeled/seeded cucumber, green onions, chili flakes)
   slow cooked beef
   chicken sate on skewers
   wine, water and white beer

For dessert we were served fresh fruit with pear and lemon sherbet.  This was followed by spek koek
and jasmine tea.  Needless to say, we waddled home!

Look at Caro's blog for more photos of the happy, eating bunch!

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