Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things I like in the Netherlands

Anywhere you live there are always things that make living there nice or pleasant.  Here are a few things that I have found, that we really like [I already told you about the shopping carts you "rent" to do your shopping]
Bread can always be bought in 1/2 loaves.  It means that for the two of us, we always have fresh bread.
Tea bags are bought in one of two sizes.  Do you want a single cup (as above) or do you wish to brew a pot full. 
Milk is sold in half litre cartons.  Again, freshness assured, because of the small size.
Almost everything comes in a cheese and onion version - including snacking peanuts.  Oh yummy.
Windowsills are always very deep.  A wonderful place to put your plants or object d'art.  And these tiled ones are especially fun.

Church friends Susan, Leah and Susan's mother, Doris, all came for a visit on Sunday and Monday.  Despite the rain, we had a marvelous time wandering through this exceptional city.  On Sunday afternoon, Caro came for a chance to learn about the antique quilt top I had brought her.  It was made by Doris' mother completely out of feed sacks.  See Caro 's blog.  On Monday we wandered through the old and the new churches.
And while it is not certain exactly where he is buried, Johannes Vermeer is certainly a former Delft inhabitant.
Adventures tomorrow with Dieuwke and Caro - always great fun!

Oh yes, and if you are wondering, we had a resurrection of my camera but E's seems to have totally died (per the guy in the camera store).  Bummer!


Laura said...

LOVE the smaller portions of food! For single folks/small households it certainly makes sense. However, going to the store every couple of days might become tiresome, especially if it's pouring down rain all the time! ;) Thanks for sharing, friend.

Caroline said...

I like cheese, bye bye Caro