Sunday, July 3, 2011

Palais Het Loo

Palais Het Loo was originally the home of Queen Willemina.  She lived there until her death in 1962.  It is now a national museum and wonderful to visit.

The Royal Stables and "parking" for the carriages.  A marvelous history.  This was one of the most fascinating.  Willemina decreed that her hearse should be in white, not black.  This carriage was used
for the Prince Consort, Hendrich and for Willemina.
These were the "gas mask" baby carriages made during the Second World War for Beatrix and her sister, Margriet.

Of course, no photos allowed inside.  [see the website - there is an English button]  In addition there was an exhibit about the past 10 years of the Princess, Maxima, from her engagement to Prince Wilem Alexander to the birth of her three daughters.  The eldest daughter, [Catherine] Amalia will become queen after her father.  Always fun to see photos and videos of this very popular royal.

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