Saturday, July 30, 2011

We did get to Kinderdijk

So, after our musical interlude, we caught the boat to take us to Kinderdijk (about an hour away)
The Maas river is very busy and it would be fascinating to live along its banks with a great pair of binoculars - to see what's going past

The boat moves into the River Lek
This is the site of one of the Netherlands incredible examples of how to deal with too much water.  And by lining the windmills up, each one in turn could lower the water level a bit more and pump that water into the river.  See the website.  Now that job is done by are the augers,

and behind the augers stand the mills themselves.  It just makes you smile - so typische Nederlands,

You can go inside a couple of the mills, but we didn't do that (as we have done it before) - we just enjoyed the site.

We returned on the same boat,
with Caro's parents
and a couple of entertainers.  We returned to the old harbor and decided to have some Mexican food.  Unfortunately there weren't any places indoors, so we got to sit outside for our dinner,
Actually, blankets over your lap do help a lot.  We managed just fine and had a very nice evening.  And again, thanks to Elaine my skilled photographer.

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Laura said...

Caro looks like Nanook of the North all bundled up! Makes you wonder why the U.S. hasn't followed suit with the windmill idea if it helps with flooding. Sure would add a bit of charm to places along our riverways. Thanks, Elaine, for your awesome pictures!