Friday, July 8, 2011

Doing things differently

Thre is a house directly across the canal (aka across the street) that is undergoing a major remodeling.  As these are very old houses, remodels and upgrades are a big deal and require a huge amount of work.  I first noticed this one because you can see all the way through the house and out the big hole in the back wall into the back yard.  Now, in addition these are very narrow streets - i.e. cars are parked along the canal.  In the space in between - no more than 10 ft - is where the cars, bikes, scooters, motorcycles and all pedestrians maneuver.  So when the large truck pulled up in front of said house, the street was totally blocked off to anyone, other than bikes or on foot, to get by.
[the blue tarp is covering a dumpster in one of the parking spaces.]  All of that sheet rock and green board and insulation is to go into the house.  So how do you unload it and schlep it indoors?  Well, you simply remove one of the upstairs windows and put it in through the window.
And just how do you do that?
Can you see the "boom box" he has slung around his neck?  That's a remote control for the 'forklift' apparatus on the truck and he is moving everything in through the window.

It's all quite fascinating.

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