Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wednesday to the "camping"

Caro and Rob have a "mobile home" - what we would call a Park Model home in a delightful Caravan Park.  The sites all have very nice and spacious gardens and lots of privacy with hedges and shrubs.  These are all privately owned. 

In addition to the park models, there are 50+ sites to park a travel trailer.  Between every other trailer is a small building with a toilet, sink and shower.  Almost all the trailers have an attached patio room.  We haven't figured out how they are attached but they appear to "zip" on or some such thing, as they fit tightly to the trailer.  Quite attractive and sensible if you aren't moving the trailer.
The owners rent out one room for overnight guests of the residents.  Adequate and easy to use Caro and Rob's as our "home" base.

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