Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Journey to the North

Thursday morning we left for a trip to Groningen.  [American readers look at a map].  Several years ago I joined an online exchange group called Crazy Exchange.  Three years ago some of us got to meet in person.  On Thursday I got to visit with Joke, again.  Marvelous.
It is great to get to meet new friends on the internet and feel so connected to them right from the start.  [photos from me and from Elaine]  Thursday we did a little walking tour of Joke's neighborhood and some nearby sites.

  This lovely gereformeered church (like most others of this denomination) are not open to the public.  Too bad.
Peaceful hofjes.

Friday was a walk through the lovely, art-deco train station.

One interesting piece,
when the station was restored most of these upper bricks and fascades are paper mache.  Funny, huh?

Groningen is a city especially accessible to walkers and bikers, so we enjoyed a wander around.
this lovely old building is now a grocery store.
City Hall.
Academia Building of the University of Groningen.   More photos on another blog entry.

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