Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oooops - what about Sunday?

We had a delightful outing on Sunday and I forgot to post about it.  A wonderful combination of quilting and gardens - great fun.  A few times a year Bep has an open house at her home and quilt shop on Sunday.  Lucky for us, this was one (July 3).  It would not be a place that you would simply come upon - it is quite 'out in the country'. 

We parked in the back field and were greeted by,
And then you wander up to the house,

We were invited indoors, into a kitchen "to die for" - to pick up a cup of coffee and some cake.  Such a nice Dutch tradition.

All with a huge farmhouse table down the center.  Sigh!  Took our coffee outdoors as it was pleasant,

This is the quilt shop - 20 steps from her back door. 
  Do check out 't atelier van Bep.  While most of her fabrics are origin, she has done a charming job of choosing things that work beautifully together.  And, of course, lots of unusual bits and pieces and buttons and tapes.

How is this for a classroom?

What shall we sign up for?

We drove "home" after our visit to Bep's.  We had a very quiet evening.  Monday was some required activities (i.e. laundry).  Monday night we went for a long walk in a part of the city we have not visited before.  I have begun sewing hour-glass blocks made with my antique fabrics from Spakenburg. (photos to follow)

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