Sunday, July 3, 2011

Into Germany

On Friday morning, the four of us drove to Munster, Germany.  My but they drive fast.  We arrived in this lovely university  town shortly before noon.
 We discovered this brass model of the city, as we were walking to the center.  All the buildings are labeled in braille, as is the description across the front.  Cool, huh?  Munster is a lovely, upscale city which is quite expensive.

St. Lambert's church, in the center, is an incredible middle-age church.  In the center of the tower are three cages,
It was in these that the bodies of the three leaders of the Anabaptists movement were hung up and displayed as a warning to the citizenry.  But it is georgous inside,

The organ is suspended from the side walls and ceiling.

Also among the most ornate churches I've ever seen, is St. Clement's Church.  It was built in 1745-53, a round building with a dome.  It has been restored faithfully to the original plans made by Baroque architect Johann C. Schlaun.

Astonishing, to put it mildly.

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Laura said...

There you are! :) I know you've been busy, but it's so good to hear about your busy-ness. Thanks for taking the time to keep us all posted, friend. Looks like the weather's more agreeable, too. Happy Fourth of July!