Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Tuesday

Today is Elaine's birthday and she has been well remembered by several friends and family.  We had a celebratory dinner last night in Enkhuizen followed by a "birthday" ice cream cone.

  Today it was a requested breakfast of bacon and french toast.  After breakfast the final piece went into the puzzle this morning.

 We had to do a bit of laundry - it has become a birthday tradition for E when in Europe.  We enjoyed lunch on a moored barge behind City Hall.  We found a yummy treat to have with a cup of tea this afternoon, from the AppelFlappen store,
 All in all, a pretty swell birthday.


Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Elaine! Guess it's almost over for another year, but it looks like you've had a wonderful day. And your puzzle looks beautiful! You might want to re-think the whole laundry on your birthday thing, though. Maybe a laundromat next year ...?

And Marne, thanks for keeping us caught up on the happenings of you two over there. Good thing you've got an extra suitcase for all of your new stitching stuff!

Caroline said...

How is your schedule for puzzle 2, 3 and 4. bye bye Caroi