Tuesday, July 5, 2011


At last, I think I am caught up with the interesting past few days.  What a whirlwind.  We left Bad Bentheim and drove to the very small dorpje (village) of Epse where Caro's parents live.  After a nice lunch, they drove us into Deventer.  First we visited an operating windmill, which is used to cut logs.  The trees were originally floated down the river and to the mill for processing.  Of course, now it is something of a planned event, but there is lumber available.
It is cut into slices about 1 1/2" thick.
The tree is tied to a sled-type device and "fed" to the blades

The blades of the mill rotate, and through a series of cogs, the saw blades are driven up and down.  This is not great wood, so will be used for animal pens. 

On a small ferry, we crossed to the city of Deventer.
Artistic facilities are provided on the dock side,
After coffee and deventerkoek (locally, quite famous spice cake confection), we wandered along Walstraat through the Brocantie (a series of tables and stalls with everything from junk to very nice antiques.  We came along to Quiltshop 100 Rozen.  And very nicely, Jeltje gave me a pattern and fabric pack that they had had available during a recent quilt day - akin to our Shop Hop.  Very kind.

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