Sunday, July 3, 2011

Too much "doing" and not enough "writing"

Alright - we have been very busy but haven't been in connection with the computer for several days - so there will be several new posts to bring you up-to-date.

Monday and Tuesday last week were grey, cloudy and even a bit rainy at times.  We had a really "big" adventure, we walked to a different grocery store - to C1000 instead of Albert Heijn.  [You have to find your excitement where you can.]  One thing I wanted to point out that is so incredibly sensible, if you want to get a grocery cart, you must deposit Euro .50, E1 or E2 into the key slot.  This releases the cart for your use.

And then when you return the cart, you plug in the "key" from the next cart in line and get your "deposit" back.  This way there are hardly any 'lost' grocery carts, you get back your money, regardless of how much you put in - it seems to work well, all the way around.

As I have been amusing myself with some sewing, Elaine found herself a couple of jigsaw puzzles in the children's toy store.  Everyone is buy with little "at home" activities.

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