Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sewing was one of the things that happened today,

I'm guessing I have about 60 of these done, so far.  Elaine is make progress on her jigsaw puzzle - need to take a picture of that.

Tuesday evening we went to den Haag (the Hague) for dinner with Caro and Rob.  Elaine went on a cycling outing with Rob - 25 km.  "We cycled towards Leiden, along several small canals, through the polder land, where there are still 3 windmills
which were used to pump the water out.  We also visited a castle built originally in 1250.  It was very fun.
It was a very pleasant ride, on  flat terrain, with an electric bike.  The only way to go!"  [photos courtesy of Rob's i-phone]

Otherwise, we have watched a bit of the Tour de France - Go Tyler Farrar - Washington state boy.  And the Women's World Cup Soccer - USA plays on Wednesday.

Dear Readers:  Thank you for taking the time to leave comments.  It is so nice to know that you are reading what I have rambled on about.  Even if we don't know each other, it is such fun to think of all of you.  So keep writing back to me, please.

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