Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Army Museum

We have postponed this visit as I wasn't sure that it was "my" thing - army and weapons and war.  But this proved to be a very fascinating museum and worth a trip - particularly if you could plan it for a time when there weren't too many children there.  Having said that, this is a fabulous place to visit with children.  There is a children's assault course, interactive exhibits about tournament knights in the Dark Ages, a large display covering the Eighty Years' War period and Maurice, guns, swords,  dioramas of early battles, etc. etc. etc.  Everything from a sword from 500 BC
to a bronze face mask
There is one of the world's largest collections of 17th century firearms: rifles, pistols, etc.
Guns of glass (used for drinking, not shooting), guns of carved ivory,
and extraordinarily ornately decorated guns

There were multiple interactive computer stations (challenging for us as they were all in Dutch), buttons to push, switches to flip, movies to watch.  There were life-sized mannequins with period clothing
1st World War Drinks Lady (beer?)
Fascinating means of transportation
First Aid Wagon

Cook wagon with big boilers in the center

Positioning of big guns.  I couldn't tell what breed of dogs these were, but something large like a bull mastiff. 

The exhibition continues to the current time and even has an intereactive stations discussing the "moral dilemma's of Dutch soldiers on peace missions".  We were there for 2 1/2 hours and could have even been there longer if we had understood more Dutch.  A recommended site for most anyone, but especially for children and young people.  It's great!


Simone said...

It looks like a great museum for Tijmen! Where is it?
Are you still here in the Netherlands?

Laura said...

Great pics, Marne! Muzzles on the dogs, huh? Did they explain why they had to wear them?