Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Hands at Home

After all our adventures last week, this one has been much quieter - thank goodness.  We've had pretty nice weather and so have enjoyed being outside in our little walled garden. During some indoor time, we have done a few things.  E's favorite:

Thursday is Market Day, so Caroline who had the day off work and came down to Delft for a little visit.  We played with my hour-glass blocks and decided that we liked this layout,
I am quite pleased with this and will make a few more.  While at the market I found a little bit of fabric that might work for a border
The red and white is very much in keeping with the "flavor" of the Spakenburg fabrics.  Hmmmm.

I am pleased that I have finished the little stitchery blocks for the to-be-grandchild quilt.  I haven't found the sashing fabric, but that will wait until we get home.  Something very bright and colorful.
A couple more hand sewing projects are going on, but I'll show you those when I've made a bit more progress.  More adventures tomorrow.


Caroline said...

The Spakenburger quilt is lovely. cu saturday, Caro

Laura said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy on the homefront! I've got one to share with you via Skype too. Glad E. has a puzzle to keep her out of trouble ... ;)

Karen said...

Glad you could continue your favorite pasttime activities. Great quilt and fun puzzle. Elaine, you start with the most difficult part! I sure don't! :)